Saturday, December 15, 2007

Essays about Chinese Cartoons and Woodcuts in Singapore

Some old and not so old articles of mine about Chinese cartoons and woodcuts in Singapore.

“Fragments of the Past”: Political Prints of Post-war Singapore
(The Heritage Journal, Vol 2, No 1, 2005)

These prints reflect the post-war history of Singapore and its road to independence and nationhood. However the history of woodblock prints in Singapore, despite the vibrancy of the medium in the 1950s and 1960s, has not been well documented until the 1998 exhibition. The formation of the Contemporary Printmaking Association in 1980 did not keep the tradition of woodblock printing alive as it promoted new printmaking methods then. It was only when the association was renamed Printmaking Society (Singapore) in January 1998 that interest in woodblock printing was revived through its participation in the SHM woodcut print exhibition.

Fragments of the Past

Cartoons and Woodblock Prints about Chinese Education in Singapore, 1955–1961

From: Lee Guan Kin, ed., Nantah duxiang: Lishi heliuzhong de shengshi (Imageries of Nanyang University: Reflections on the River of History) (Singapore: Global Publishing/NTU Centre for Chinese Language and Culture, 2007)

Cartoons and Woodblock Prints about Chinese Education in Singapore, 1955-1961

Erratum for Fragments of the Past: 'National Language Class' is 1959 and not 1950.

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