Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Google Group: Comics Creators SG

Dear friends,

Cheng Tju recently suggested to me that we need a mailing list to announce comics-related events. So, I've set one up on Google Groups. To subscribe, please visit:

Because Google owns Blogger, the moderators on this blog should be able to log into Google Groups using the same account (at least, that's what I've discovered I can do), which hopefully makes things more convenient for us.

Google Groups is similar to Yahoo Groups, but with an extra feature that I find very interesting -- we can set up public web pages which any member can update and edit. This means we can create something like a directory of artists and writers, and link out to to each creator's personal websites. This might be a good way to collaboratively document the existence of comics talents here in Singapore.

I have set the mailing list to allow posting by any subscribed member. However, I will moderate it to filter out any spam.

I hope the new mailing list can complement this blog and encourage more lively discussions and keep more people informed of upcoming events.


1 comment:

Shaun said...

good idea. :) have subscribed to your blog via bloglines.