Friday, August 15, 2008

Morgan Chua Signing on 16 Aug at Kino

Do drop by if you're in the area. I interviewed Morgan two weeks ago but the local papers weren't interested. TNP did have a write-up on Morgan in today's edition.

My review of the original My Singapore back in 2000.


My Singapore
Sketches by Morgan Chua

Marshall Cavendish Editions ● Available at major bookstores from August 2008 (Book launch at Kinokuniya on 16 August 2008, 4.30pm) Retail Price S$23 (before GST) ● ISBN 978 981 261 614 2

No topic is taboo and Chua sharpens his pencil as he draws popular icons like P Ramlee as well as local and international politicians. Readers will be thoroughly entertained and enlightened as they laugh their way through the book through it's feature of entertaining vignettes and key events in Singapore's history. The fun and quirky cartoons poke fun at one and all!

About the Author
Singaporean born cartoonist Morgan Chua first found fame as a cartoonist in Hong Kong when he joined the Far Eastern Economic Review. His keen wit and observation was translated into well-received single panels of political cartoons. In his career, he has done caricatures of all the newsmakers around the world including Singapore.

This world-classed cartoonist who has returned to live in the Lion City now turns his hand on a revised edition of his earlier published work My Singapore, which tells the history of the nation in his own unique way—with barbed perceptiveness, concisely but impactful imagery and a visual eloquence that is unmatched in the region.


col said...

Alamak! I missed it. I would love to read your interview. Any chance of posting it here?

Colin Loh said...

"has returned to live in the Lion City" not too accurate. He's living in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia.

dennis said...

think his new book is coming