Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen movie awesome. Thanks to Bernard of G and B for organising a screening last night.

So forget what the critics said, go watch it and decide for yourself.

Content is king. People who said that we don't need comic books anymore are wrong. What makes a good Spiderman or X-Men movie is not special effects or the Hollywood big stars. But the stories written by Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, etc over the years.

Character design is one thing. (and yes, ppl have made movies based on computer games, etc) But it's the stories written by WRITERS that have made readers laugh, cry, smile silently and identify with the characters and situations. You still need a good story, you don't run away from that.

Alan Moore may want to disassociate himself from the movie adaptations of his comics. But no one is going to forget that he's the one behind the stories anytime soon.

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Hage said...

yes, it is awesome!!!

so awesome i caught it twice.