Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Merz Virs

One of my fave local metal bands, Meza Virs is playing this Sat at baybeats.

The last time I saw them was with Shark at a Goth party all the way at Mandai. Talk about ulu.

We had just come from the Ngak gig at esplanade which was a disappointment. But Merz Virs made up for it.

MJ died that week and the male singer wore a single white glove in tribute to the King of Pop. And they covered Rammstein's Du Hast. (listed by a recent metal issue of Classic Rock magazine as one of the songs that forged metal, 1990 - 1999)

It was one hell of a night.

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martin said...

"Du Hast" forged metal? Interesting theory. At least here in Germany, Rammstein's previous single, "Engel", was much more successful and, I'd say, more influential. However, it's probably true that Rammstein has had quite an impact on some other metal bands.