Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 interesting books to recommend

1. Key Moments from the History of Comics by Francois Ayroles (Beguiling Books)
2. Otacool: Worldwide Otaku Rooms (Kotobukiya)

Both for otakus. You need to know serious comics history to get Key Moments, which is lots of fun if you do.

Danny Choo (whom i was told was the son of Jimmy Choo?) promoted Otacool at AFA09. It's a fascinating peek into the lives and mindset of otakus worldwide.

"We're sort of Paycheck-to-paycheck. I'm sorry I don't have much eyecandy here. T_T"

"I enjoy my otaku lifestyle very much and at the same time, I want to work hard and be a contributing member of the society, I worked very hard to develop my career and I want to help prove that otaku can be a very productive member of the society."

If nothing else, there is a nice pix of Alodia Gosiengfiao...

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