Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some thoughts on anthologies

With the success of Flight, comic anthologies showcasing little known talents have gained a notable presence with mainstream readers. Thus we see Popgun Comics, Liquid City etc. These mainstream anthologies provide little known comic creators a chance for visibility, with short stories and unique art styles. They easily differentiate themselves from Marvel and DC comics. But how do these anthologies differentiate themselves from one another?

Is Popgun Comics any different from Flight? Both anthologies are published by Image comics, and both offer stories of different genres and art styles. Then there is Liquid City and 24Seven. The former showcases comics by Asians while the latter deals with science fiction. But being short, most stories are limited, not being able to provide depth. Then there are the different art styles for people to appreciate. Eye candy.

So given the current anthologies in the market, how can a new title compete, if a publisher or editor were to crank out one?

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