Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's cook! Oh yeah!

Flight (Image) has reached volume six. For me, the best comics in this volume were Dead Bunny and Cooking Duel. The latter makes for a very interesting case study.

Cooking Duel has a manga-influenced art style. What makes it so good is that it has excitement and humour packed into it even though the story is so simple. Not really simple, but the idea of it, a couple challenging each other in cooking, is rather simple. The execution itself and the plots are very well done. There is no kung fu fighting or espionage, but there is so much action and humour. Of course, if you are not aware, I am indirectly criticizing Marvel and DC comics.

Just look at Thunderbolts during Dark Reign. So there are all these things going on, people getting serious and such. Pull yourself away from all that is going on, and ask yourself what is it all about. Nothing? Perhaps it reflects on American politics, where politicians are acting on self-interest. I don’t know. Entertainment? Probably the mindless sort. I don't know. Really I don't.

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