Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rick Geary

Here's a list of Rick Geary books that I have read. In order of preference:

1. The Lindbergh Child

This one really sets the tone/standard for The Treasury of Victorian/XXth Century Murders and got us hooked and on a hunt for the rest of the series by NBM.

2. The Murder of Abraham Lincoln

'Nuff said. Can read this together with the recently released, Booth by CC Colbert and Tanitoc. (First Second)

3. The Mystery of Mary Rogers

Borrowed this from the library. I must buy this next.

4. The Saga of the Bloody Benders

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre/The Hills Have Eyes.

5. Famous Players

Okay, i didn't like this as much. Read this more for the early Hollywood background which Geary delved into quite a bit here.
(cross-reference this with Blanche Goes to Hollywood; see below)

6. Jack The Ripper

Quite disappointing after the magnum opus that is From Hell. Also this third printing I got is too dark. The blacks almost smudge.

7. The Invisible Man

Papercutz bought the rights to the First Comics Classic Illustrated. This adaptation of the HG Wells sci-fi story doesn't quite cut it.

The following are must-haves:

J Edgar Hoover
Geary is doing these "Serious Comics" for Hill and Wang. The size is smaller than the NBM books, reminds me of Ladybird books. Excellent, excellent stuff, especially the Trotsky one. Let's hope he does more of these for Hill and Wang.

The Adventures of Blanche
This is what got me paying attention to Geary all those years ago. Reviewed Blanche Goes to New York in the early 1990s and followed her adventures in Hollywood and Paris. I suggested to Geary that Blanche should head East and drop by Southeast Asia/Singapore. He said he has 2 more Blanche stories planned out but they are set in USA. If he got round to doing these and there's enough interest from publishers and buyers, maybe one of these the meantime, go get this from Dark Horse comics.


B0N0V0X said...

I've got all the Treasury of Victorian/20th Century Murder books.

In fact I happen to have a spare SC copy of Mary Rogers. Interested?

cheng tju said...
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cheng tju said...

Sure, drop me an email.

ee said...

Rick Geary's current series on Victorian murder and historical figures are really fun and addictive! I look forward to all of them.

also have the Treasury of Victorian Murder HC from NBM, collecting some short stories, signed/numbered.

also Housebound TPB collecting his short pieces for Nat'l Lampoon etc. Both are for sale =D

cheng tju said...

Sure, how do I get in touch with you?

ee said...

cool, either sms me 98554320 or send me an e-mail at so i can email you back with the details. addition I have dug up Rick Geary's Wonders & Oddities (rep. Natl Lampoon and Heavy Metal)