Monday, August 30, 2010

Atlas (Chuang Yi)

Alan Bay has a lot of potential as a cartoonist, if the comics on his website are of any indication his abilities. And Atlas, is his Mugen (Chuang Yi) feature.

Seeing the first few pages, it would seem that Atlas is a spoof of role-playing games, considering the popularity of MMORPGs at the moment. There is a page of character stats in the style of the genre. But reading on, the book does not seem to be poking fun at RPGs. Rather, it reads like an adaptation of an MMORPG; the Ragnarok kind, with cartoony drawings. Because I am not familiar with games such as Maple Story, I am unable to access the quality of an MMORPG manga.

This book is recommended for those who cannot get enough satisfaction from MMORPGs just by playing. When playing the game is not enough, read it. Oh yes, there is the pre-requisite chibi humour present.

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