Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nanny - 24h Comics Day Book from Bandung

This book was launched in Jakarta 1 week ago.

NANNY, a compilation of 7 (seven) short comics made during the 24 Hour Comics Day 2011 challenge, ranging from a story about an Indonesian migrant worker in Singapore who missed her hometown, a respond to current ecological issues, a mysterious, historical water well, to a story about how taxing a wedding preparation can be. The main tie for these selected works is the dominant role of a woman in each story, both as creators and as the main characters.

Published by CAB.

I co-organized this year's 24h Comics Day in Singapore at Goodman Arts Centre together with JF. It was part of Comics XChange. I linked us up with the CAB artists in Bandung (internationalization!) and worked with Stephani Soejono on a story. She is a cool up and coming comic artist who has worked on the animation for the Tatsumi movie.

Well, our story about Indon maids in Singapore is the cover story for the Bandung compilation and they titled the volume after our story, Nanny. ;)

This is the first time a 24h story from Singapore got published in a 24h publication.

If you like to order a copy of this book, drop a line to Rony at .

Pics of the launch:!/photo.php?fbid=2397734996982&set=p.2397734996982&type=1


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Are the stories in English or Bahasa Indonesia?

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