Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Educating Rena

Ok, autobio is not the only mainstream in Singapore comics. (see previous post) Educational comics is popular in Singapore as well. Singapore parents are willing to spend a lot of money on providing tuition and buying assessment books for their children to do well in school. Some of these get trickle down to educational comics. Otto Fong's Sir Fong's Adventures in Science is one successful example.

A new online educational comic, The School Never Asked, reminds us that there can be a social role for comics and cartoons in Singapore. People do not take comics seriously, so to deliver an important message about sexuality and relationships in this kiddy medium is subverting expectations. Kudos to the creators. The comic is colored by one-eyed Xiao Yan, the artist of The Girl Under The Bed.


As for how serious comics and cartoons in Singapore can be in the past,


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