Sunday, April 6, 2014

3 forgotten classics

3 forgotten classics. Some back in print, some you got to hunt on ebay.

1. Where Bold Stars Go To Die by Gerry Alanguilan (story) and Arlanzandro C. Esmena (art)

First time I saw this was at STGCC 2 years ago at the Komikon booth. Have been waiting for it to be back in print and thanks to SLG, it is available to a wider audience in North America. This was artist Arlanzandro's first and last book before he passed away from cancer in 2010. A tribute to the bold stars of Pinoy cinema, and a rising star whose light dimmed too early.

2. Voltar by Alfredo Alcala

The classic Alfredo Viking story. The details are crazy. I have not seen the original Filipino version from the 60s, but it was printed in The Rook, a late 70s Warren magazine.

3. The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman by Raymond Briggs

Most people know When the Wind Blows, The Snowman and Ethel and Ernest. So this really took me by surprise when I saw it in a school library. Published in 1984, this is a damning critique of the Falklands War. It might have been influenced by Splitting Image, which started the same year. Or it could have influenced Splitting Image. Nonetheless, look for this if you can.

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Phil Yeh said...

Great to see Voltar again! By far some of his most brilliant rendering, CT. I miss Alfredo.