Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where's the music?

The newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Centre does not have ... a Sembawang Music Centre. That's where it all started for Sembawang Music back in the 1990s. They were one of the first music shops to offer CDs at a much cheaper price. (prices back then were $30-$40 and that's standard retail price for all the shops) SMC imported their own and really brought the price down. Soon the major labels here followed suit.

Sure, they were in super ulu location. (don't think Sembawang MRT Station started yet - the line stopped at Yishun) But they had the selection damn shiok and I made my way there once and bought a Screaming Trees Best of.

Today, they are not doing so well. The state of the music industry. People are not buying music, they are downloading.

So do yourself a favour, go old school. Go buy a CD because I know you haven't for the longest time. In the meantime, remember the shops of yore. Song Ching, Sing Records, Disc Dynamics, Da Da, Supreme. (long live Roxy!)

Heard Valentine Music Centre is still somewhere in Selegie. And Form Records only survived in Malaysia.

And what happen to Jimmy Wee?

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