Thursday, July 8, 2010

On reading comics part 2

There really is no good reason why I like comics. For one, I could have chosen literature. But compared to films, comics would be a better choice because in Singapore, access to films is very limited. For example, we don’t get Shaun of the Dead or The Aquatic Life of Steve Zissou in cinemas. So what if the censorship board tones down its censoring further. Marketing forces will keep films out of here, including censorship friendly films. Crappy Hollywood films fill the cinemas around the world. Thankfully, Kinokuniya imports all kinds of comics.

Someone said to me over the discussion board that Singaporeans will ultimately wise up as to what they are receiving, that they will know what are good comics when they see it. I disagree. Seeing how corporate commercialism has such a hold on Singaporean youths, I doubt swaying their interest is possible unless one has sufficient marketing power or is the government (even the government has difficulties).

As a comics blogger, sometimes I wish for a bit more recognition. But really, it is not within my power to have it so. Working in this field is clearly not rewarding. Still, interest is interest. Life is short; do what you like.

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