Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deirram on erom

The idea of changing Spider-Man’s life with magic turned out better than I had expected. The Amazing Spider-Man had been quite dark before. Arcs like The Other are real intense, but not very interesting to me. It was a chance to beat up Spider-Man badly again (as if Kraven’s Last Hunt is not enough).

But now all that dark stuff is gone, and amazingly, Spider-Man is updated for this period of time. These new Spider-Man stories bring a lot of humanity. Just amazing. One of my favourite changes is Chameleon, back to his old self. No more fancy gadgets, but tons of creepiness. And what about the return of the original Rhino, where he had to battle the new one? I have never seen Rhino, the original one that is, in such glory. Pure, unbridled brute power and full of fury. That is what Rhino should have been, not some dumb comical villain who gets his horn stuck in something.

And what about all that drama Peter has to go through? What about the return of Harry Osborn? Bringing him back to the life is a huge bend in continuity. But who cares when you see him hang out with Peter. Peter now has a buddy again. It is just amazing. This is a wonderful franchise reboot.

Oh, and if you didn't figure it out...... Zatanna.

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