Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where is the love?

Having told two Christians that I am an agnostic, they took the chance to preach to me. At some point, they asked me what I wish to do with people in life. And I told them I want to help. In reply, they pulled out one of the most utterly unbelievable religious arguments ever heard: if you do not believe in God and there is no God, then humans must have no value. It is God that gives humans value. And then they ask me, ”Why do you want to help people if they are worthless?”

If you do not love your neighbour, have tolerance at least, regardless of race, language, religion or ideology. Yes, I know not all Christians think in religious extremities.

Here’s to John Lennon.

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ez said...

u should mention something about 'Satan' just to see their reaction