Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Betty or Veronica?

In 1994, Archie comics made news with the publication of the Love Showdown arc. This was an arc that spanned four Archie titles, and sold itself as the mother of all Betty and Veronica battles. The battle to end all battles. The world of Archie and friends might never be the same. Today, we know that it can never happen. Or at least we are quite sure that it can never happen. Bucky and Jason Todd live again, but Archie will never make the choice, and Veronica and Betty are forever tied in a never ending war.

So with Archie marries…, they got smarter (it is pretty smart with Showdown) and went with the “what if” scenario instead. And they even went both ways. It turned out great. The story arc provided some of the best Archie stories I have ever read, I thought at first. Then, the truth dawned on me that it was a great read because it moved away from status quo. That, and Uslan’s superb script.

If you ask me, I prefer Archie’s life with Ronnie. Life with Betty does have its positive points, such as Archie having a career he enjoys. But still, life with Veronica seems to come with fewer struggles. The thing is, the fact that Archie Comics pulls off such a stunt tells us that there will never be any major changes to the status quo. Any changes they want to make, they can create another “what if”. On the bright side, Archie and friends will never have to face complicated continuity issues.

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