Friday, December 3, 2010

STGCC conference

STGCC is just round the corner, so you guys should have gotten your tickets by now.

This is what I am involved in with Ian Gordon.

Pop Culture in Asia:
Adaptation, Convergence, and Challenges
Academic Conference

December 10 -12, 2010.

In conjunction with the
Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention

In conjunction with the STGCC scholars from universities across the region and internationally will examine the richness of popular culture in Asia with its intermingling of the local and international and the growing impact of Asia and Asians on global forms. How do Games, Toys and Comics shape and display the values of Asian cultures. How can we understand the popularity of these forms globally. What is similar and what is distinctive about these in different Asian countries. What is the background of this current boom? And as Toys, Games, and Comics converge with other forms like film, television, and the internet what does the future hold for individual cultures? These issues and more will be examined in several academic sessions at the convention, organised by NUS, which are open to all registered attendees.

The conference programme is available here:
The abstracts of papers are available here:
This conference is open to all attendees at the Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention. For details of the numerous events and international guests at that convention see:

Prices for tickets are:

Early Bird Price:
1 Day Pass S$10.70
3 Day Pass S$21.40
*price excludes Gatecrash booking fees
* price includes GST

Please note that sale of pre-event tickets for STGCC will stop by 9 December, 12pm

The onsite pricing is as follow –

$15 – 1 day pass (inclusive of GST & handling fee)
$25 – 3 day pass (inclusive of GST & handling fee)

$13 – 1 day pass (for people with Student Pass) (inclusive of GST & handling fee)
$23 – 3 day pass (for people with Student Pass) (inclusive of GST & handling fee)

Group Package:
4 Tickets @ $50 for 1 day pass (UP $60) (inclusive of GST & handling fee)
4 Tickets @ $90 for 3 day pass (UP $100) (inclusive of GST & handling fee)

For more details on tickets see:

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