Wednesday, July 25, 2012

King cat

I wrote about King Cat here.

It has become a tradition for me to find copies of King Cat in cities I visit. In June, I stepped into Gosh! Comics and found King Cat #72 and The Next Day. It was unexpected. I wasn't aware of The Next Day, a new book drawn by John Porcellino. It is a book about suicide survivors. Reading it left me very haunted. To relate the 4 experiences of the survivors in a non linear way, it makes it even more real because life is never straightforward. Our mind plays tricks with us, our memories jump from one to another.

I read King Cat #72 after that. John Porcellino told me about his divorce in 2010 after the above post. So it came as quite a shock. But from King Cat #72, he seems to be dealing with it better.

The groundhog cover of King Cat #72 is a sign of optimism.

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