Friday, July 13, 2012

Research help needed

Most of you might be manga/anime fans, so you might be interested to help out Akiko. She was in Singapore in Feb 2011 for this:

and she be here again for AFA in Nov.


I'm Akiko Sugawa-Shimada, who has been doing inter-cultural research on young non-Japanese audience of anime and manga (and also games) along with co-researchers, including June Madeley and Fusami Ogi. Our purpose is to investigate how Japanese anime/manga/games are used by non-Japanese audiences, by conducting both quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (interviewing) research.

I am especially interested in how non-Japanese people express themselves by using Japanese anime/manga/games, in the forms of cosplay, dojinshi, and/or something creative fan activities. If you could help me with the survey and further interviews, it would be really appreciated.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Akiko Sugawa-Shimada

Assistant Professor

Kansai Gaidai University

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