Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dec 2010 Comics Bestsellers for { prologue } and Harris

Comics bestsellers for { prologue } in December:

1. Liquid City v1 GN

2. Liquid City v2 GN

3. Archie Marries… HC

4. Gone Case GN

5. My Faith in Frankie GN

6. Naruto v48

7. Re-Gifters GN

8. Pokemon Adventures v34

9. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief GN

10. The Resident Tourist v3

Comics bestsellers for HARRIS in December:

1. Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book Slipcase HC

2. Liquid City v1 GN

3. Adventures of Tin Tin Box Set

4. Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps HC

5. Scott Pilgrim v2: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World GN

6. Scott Pilgrim v5: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe GN

7. Scott Pilgrim v4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together GN

8. Scott Pilgrim v3: Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness GN

9. Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book HC

10. Bone v5: Rockjaw, Master of the Eastern Border SC


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the Asterix book is not bad :)