Friday, January 21, 2011

Supermodels and a Superhero

If Models, Inc. (Marvel) is meant to attract new female readers to Marvel comics, it fails doing so. At the heart of the story is a murder mystery which is not very interesting, considering what we get from comics and other media these days. The only things interesting about the miniseries are the floppy covers, Patsy Walker in superhero action, and Chili Storm’s humorous attempts at being a costumed hero. There is a cameo by Johnny Storm who is dating one of the supermodels at the time of the story.

The covers for Models, Inc. imitate covers for Women magazines, which is nicely drawn. One problem is that the cover headlines make references that only Marvel fans can understand. The story juggles a large cast of characters including a lawyer who is homosexual. Why mention that he is gay when it has no bearing on the plots? I think Models, Inc. caters more to Marvel fans who have no idea who these model characters are and are curious to find out. For female readers who want a good read, there are other better choices.

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