Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sightings of local artists at STGCC at Planerds Booth

20 and 21 August at Suntec City.

1:00 Ken Foo and JC Wong
2:00 Kelvin Chan, Drewscape, and Troy Chin
3:00 Shawn Siow and Shawn Yap
4:00 Chea Sin Ann, Zhen Ye, and Jon Chan
5:00 Sonny Liew
6:00 Gilamon Studios

1:00 Collateral Damage Studios
2:00 Collateral Damage Studios
3:00 Koh Hong Teng and Dave Chua
4:00 Jerry Hinds plus three younglings
5:00 JDC Amane plus two younglings
6:00 ACAS Digital Workshop

There might be Morgan Chua too.

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