Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upcoming Events

Quite a few things happening this weekend and the next few weeks.

Of course, we all know STGCC 2011 is on this Sat and Sun at Suntec City. No comics shops are involved this year. Not even GnB, who helped to bring in Brian Bolland and David Lloyd in the past. They will not be having a booth at STGCC. Instead, they are organizing their own Members Appreciation Night tomorrow at 5.30 pm. Guests are the Gilamon gang who will be launching their new Major Zombie comic there and also the sale of Tan Eng Huat's portfolio and original art. GnB is also helping to arrange the Gilamon appearance at Kinoukuniya on Saturday.

Gilamon will be at STGCC but they will be at the Planerds/Harris booth. Most local artists are not purchasing their own booth at the Artists' Alley, citing cost reasons. Most will be squatting at Planerds. The exception is Sonny Liew who will be launching his Malinky collection at STGCC. But if you miss him this weekend, there is another Malinky signing at Planerds on 27 Aug.

So competition, fragmentation or variety? Watch out for Comics Xchange, a 2-day event, which is supported by GnB among others and will include the 24Hour Comics Day 2011.


Anonymous said...

heh i think planerds counts as a comics store.... also a lot of artists didn't get a booth partly cos of scheduling - they thought the event would be in december again, and didn;t plan their new books to be ready this early :)

wern leong said...

whats this comix xchange event... i will gladly give away my issues of idiot.. i mean identity crisis...