Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comics and their readers: Library observations

This I have to point out regarding comics from the library, because it really is quite common. Whoever the culprits are, how many of them there are, I don’t know.

Ever noticed how the alternative comics tend to be in better condition than the mainstream ones, say Marvel or DC. One can usually find pages with boogers or biscuit crumbs in the mainstream stuff. It is very likely that mainstream comics are borrowed more than the alternatives, hence the difference in conditions. Then may be, it reflects on the character of readers each kind of comic gets. A possibility: the mainstream comics attracts people with a lack of courtesy and care for public property, and that alternative readers are perhaps more likely to be educated in social graces.

What do you think?

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Davester said...

It's probably inevitable, but at least they're there. It's the same for books. The Dan Browns will definitely be much more well-browsed than the David Foster Wallaces.