Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unfortunate Lives Still

I attended the book launch of Teo Soh Lung's Beyond the Blue Gate over the weekend.

This is a little-known story related to Teo Soh Lung. In 1989, Eric Khoo released his first graphic novel, Unfortunate Lives. The last story in that collection is about a woman who was detained for many years for her political beliefs. The woman in that story was inspired by Teo Soh Lung.

Soh Lung is the sister of Teo Eng Seng, who had taught Eric Khoo art when he was studying at United World College. However, due to objections from the publishers, Eric had to change the story to be set in South Africa. However, if you look at the art, it is still a Chinese woman who is been portrayed in the story.

Unfortunately, the shadow of 1987 still hangs over us today.

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