Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Resident Good

Resident Tourist is probably one of the best local comics. Considering how many local comics take the fantasy route, Troy Chin’s work shows that with technical skill, no fantastic idea is required to make a good manga. One flaw with many local manga is the use of kawaii humour which always falls far from its intention. The problem is probably a result of Singaporeans trying to imitate Japanese humour without understanding it.

Chin however succeeds with his humour. In a way, the humour stems from his personality (if his stories are to be believed) and not something he forcibly conjured up. Resident Tourist is, as Americans would call it, an OEL manga. The Japanese influence is there, but the way Chin emphasizes his individualism, his sense of humour; western.

I remember coming across Resident Tourist at the Toy and Comics Convention in 2008. Chin’s booth was not very attractive. Nevertheless, reading a few pages of his work already impressed me, although back then I was quite unsure of my taste in and judgement of comics. So my impression was right, or at least I hope so.

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