Friday, June 25, 2010

Review: Token

Token (Minx) is a rather generic, coming-of-age, teenage girl tale. The lead, Shira, is your usual troubled teen without a mother; the kind who is unpopular in high school. But then a Latino boy comes around to heat things up.

Shira is pretty average for the genre, getting all emo and whiny when problems occur. But the interactions between her and the supporting casts remind me of Bendis; fast, snappy dialogues. Then there is the Shira’s interesting neighbour, Minerva, who acts as a mother figure, filling in a void Shira’s father cannot. Generic, but well executed, except may be the resolution is a little uncomprehensive.

This is the third Minx book I have read to date. And if you are a guy, I really recommend trying out books from the imprint, unless you are only attracted to sex and violence when it comes to comics.

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