Monday, August 26, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Andie Tong

Conventions are about the artists and the fans, not just the products, merchandising and consumerism. As a lead up to STGCC 013, we hear from the people who will be there.

Andie Tong is a comic artist originally from Malaysia, studied/worked in Australia, worked some more in the UK and finally he is here in Singapore.

1. What's the big deal about this year's STGCC?

For me, One of my biggest idols, Joe Madureira will be attending. Even though I really liked comic art early on, he was one of the few artists that made me take notice and made me realise comic art was something I wanted to do.

2. I don't read comics. Why should I attend?

Plenty of other entertainment that you might enjoy and partake. There's cosplaying if you like dressing up in your favourite fictional character (Doesn't have to be comics); there's games if you enjoy a bit of console playing on your free time; there's movies related booths; there's artists showing and teaching art if you're an aspiring artist or someone who simply enjoys art. There's a little bit for everyone. It all comes down to simply having fun and enjoying a little bit of pop culture entertainment.

3. What is there to buy from you?

I'll have my sketchbook, along with pinups and I'm available for commissions.

4. Okay, I am sold. When and where I can find you?

I'll be at booth F45. Just look for the Andie Tong sign.

5. What's the future of comics?

With movies now going hand in hand, the future of comics can only keep growing, bigger and badder! It's an exciting time right now to be in this medium.

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