Monday, August 26, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Peow Yeong

Conventions are about the artists and the fans, not just the products, merchandising and consumerism. As a lead up to STGCC 013, we hear from the people who will be there.

Peow Yeong is a civil servant/fan.

1. What's the big deal about this year's STGCC?

It is the largest pop culture event this side of the world and been an annual affair since late 2000's. Where else would you be able to gather so many pros and fans in one event in Singapore?

2. I don't read comics. Why should I attend?

To find out what the fuss is about and get a good education. Besides, there's something for everyone... Games, toys, art, cosplay, collectibles.

3. What is there to buy? How does it compare to other cons you have attended?

Exclusive launches of toys, sketchbooks, comics, prints, art... The other conventions I've attended include NYCC (also organised by ReedPOP), MOCCAFest, Brooklyn Book fest. NYCC is by far the largest event I've attended. They all target different types of readers and collectors. STGCC has the best representation of both Asian and American pop culture across various platforms of comics, books, toys, games and art.

4. What's the future of comics?

I'm optimistic and pessimistic about comics' future at the same time. Optimistic because there is greater awareness of comics thanks to Hollywood adaptations of comics stories...a wider range of stories to choose from and hence wider appeal to a broader audience. Yet, the number of retailers have been dwindling and seem to be filled with middle-aged men. I am not sure if there is a pipeline of new readers and sales figures have dwindled to mere thousands for the best-selling comics. Superhero comics seem to be written for a mature and older audience rather than kids which is a demographic they be targeting if it is not to become a sunset industry.

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