Monday, August 26, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Sonny Liew

Conventions are about the artists and the fans, not just the products, merchandising and consumerism. As a lead up to STGCC 013, we hear from the people who will be there.

Sonny Liew is a comic artist.

1. What's the big deal about this year's STGCC?
Its the closest thing we have to the San Diego Comic Con. Artist Alley is a great chance to catch up with what Singapore-based creators have been up to.

2. I don't read comics. Why should I attend?
There's also Toys and Games :p And who knows, you might find a comic that catches your eye, and start on the long road to perdition.

3. What is there to buy from you?
A Pinocchio figurine, possibly an Astroboy bust, postcards, original art and maybe some comics

4. Okay, I am sold. When and where I can find you?
Booth G30

5. What's the future of comics?
Possibly digital, though that complicates the whole static image and page-as-the-basic-unit aspects of the art form.

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