Wednesday, August 28, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Ray Toh

Conventions are about the artists and the fans, not just the products, merchandising and consumerism. As a lead up to STGCC 013, we hear from the people who will be there.

Ray Toh is an artist.

1. What's the big deal about this year's STGCC?
- I’ll be promoting a new business that I have just created. It’s a platform created for comics artists and creators. They can source for funding by pitching ideas they may be developing or they can use our ebook store to sell their ebooks on Fantastic Fox. It’s purely comics and illustrations ebook focus.

2. I don't read comics. Why should I attend?
- There’s a lot more events and things going on at STGCC. Getting to meet the artists and talking to them can be an enlightening experience by itself if you are gearing yourself toward the entertainment line. Not just comics. So drop by and talk to people. You wouldn’t know who will be hanging around the corner.

3. What is there to buy from you?
- I’ll be selling my Ray Toh Ideabook 2011, original framed artwork, A1 posters and A3 Art prints.

4. Okay, I am sold. When and where I can find you?
- I’ll be at Booth G45 throughout the whole event.

5. What's the future of comics?
- Self-Publication. With the acceptance of buyers willing to buy digital content, artists can spend time to do their own original content instead of being hired to do work based on existing characters. They can approach print per demand online book store or they could sell the digital copy online. And with 3D printing technology growing, an artist can do their own line of merchandise. There will be a lot more creative content which will spice up the market. Hopefully Fantastic can be a part of that movement and a place for local artist to explore their own content too.

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