Monday, May 17, 2010

All You Need Is Love

American superhero comics have been criticized for catering to male adolescent fantasies. But there are female writers for comics, aren’t there? Jodi Picoult and Gail Simone have written for Wonder Woman. Surely the must bring to the comics a feminine touch.

I just read Janes In Love, of the ill-fated Minx imprint of DC comics; and now I know what are female adolescent fantasies in comics. In Janes, the lead characters are plagued mainly with social and psychological problems. No problems are solved with fists. The comic emphasizes the importance of passion and friendship, as well as how “with a little help from my friends”, difficulties can be overcome. Even so, the story maintains western individualism, which is something I believe local comics tend to be short of when imitating American comics. After all, we are a collective society.

So there you have it; female adolescent fantasies in American comics. And I feel that the industry needs more of this, sides Shoujo and Bishoujo manga.

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