Monday, May 31, 2010

Eber vs Cheeseman

The Free Press, 3 Feb 1947.

John Eber of the Malayan Democratic Union and Council of Joint Action gave a speech in KL on 26 Jan 1947. The Council of Joint Action called for a boycott of the Cheeseman Consultative Committee on the constitutional proposals for the setting up of the Federation of Malaya. The Cheeseman Consultative Committee was set up by Sir Edward Gent.

The Straits Times opposed the call for the boycott, but reprinted Eber's speech in its 30 Jan 1947 edition.

During this time, Cheeseman and his committee visited the various territories in Malaya to get views on the constitutional proposals. They visited Penang on 11 and 12 Feb.

Cheeseman was Director of Education of Malaya.

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