Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bad Signal

I love the rantings of Warren Ellis. Got the 2 earlier volumes of From The Desk Of and just discovered Bad Signal I and II at Prologue. So I came to this late but Ellis' insights about comics and culture still pack a punch. He talks about the writing of Global Frequency #1 and I bought that way back in 2002 and that's how long ago these emails were. Yes, these are a collection of emails that Ellis sent to his mailing groups. Good archival writings about the state of the affairs in 2001 and 2002 such as the near bankruptcy of Top Shelf and how fans and the alternative comics industry rally around them.

Ellis' view of how writing should be:

"But that's what's needed. People who scream and dance and have weird obsessions and who kiss people at night and pass out during the day and can write about that and make you feel it and want it."

That's good pop writing.

Now got to track down Come In Alone (2002) and Do Anything (2010).

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