Monday, March 24, 2008

A monthly gathering for the Comics Community?

Hey folks,

Since January, I have been organizing a monthly gathering for screenwriters and film makers. It has become a wonderful time for like-minded people to get together, have some laughs, make friends and share knowledge. So far, we have met at the Hans Cafe at National Library, had a barbecue at someone's condo, and had a picnic at Botanic Gardens. It has always been well attended, and strangers have become familiar faces. Some even brought their wives and kids.

I'd really like to start something similar for the comics community. It would be great for comics lovers to just share our common passion, and for writers and artists to widen our circles. Who knows -- we might find some potential collaborators.

This is just a suggestion, and if anyone has a better idea, please feel free to propose an alternative date and venue:

Family-friendly picnic at Botanic Gardens, Swan Lake
Sunday, 20 April 2008
4 pm

The location is nice, and in case of bad weather, there are pavilions and a food court nearby where we can seek shelter.

May I have some idea of how many people are interested?