Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who is the comic collector in Singapore?

Questions for article on ‘Who is the comic collector in Singapore?’

Some of us have always wondered about who is the comic collector in Singapore. Newspaper reports can only give rough estimates based on ballpark figures provided by comic shops or booksellers. This is an attempt to find out who is the comic collector in Singapore. As for myself, I have been reading/collecting comics for the last 35 years.

Please be assured that all information will be kept confidential. All the results will be aggregated. No form of the raw data will be released or read by anyone else.

You can send your answers to or reply me via FB messaging.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Area of residence: (eg. Ang Mo Kio, Jurong, etc.)
Number of years reading comics:
Number of years collecting comics:
How often do you buy comics: (eg. once a week, once a month, everyday!?, etc.)
Buy comics from: (eg. comic shops, Kinokuniya, mail order, etc.)*
Do you go down to a comic shop on shipment day? Which one?
Amount spent on comics per month:
Do you consider yourself a fan of: (eg. DC/Marvel/ Image/Dark Horse/ IDW/ Fantagraphics/etc.)*
How many comics do you own:
What other comics do you read: (eg. manga, HK kung fu comics, comic strips, editorial cartoons, etc.)*
Top 3 favourite comic:
Top 3 favourite characters:
Top 3 comic movie adaptations:
Top 3 most valuable comic in your collection:
Do you sell your comics to other collectors:
What else do you collect: (eg. toys, trading cards, original art, other merchandise, etc.)*
I read comics because:
Do you have good friends who read comics? How many?

* list as many as you want