Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Geek Store/FCBD

Harris is opening a new geek store at 313. It's called Harris Planerds, #04-25/28 of 313@somerset. Mascot designed by sonny.

Grand opening on 7 May, which is polling day. But they have managed to gather quite a few local artists to make instore appearances on that day. So don't just go to the polls, go to planerds as well.

Timing for artists' appearances:

Koh Hong Teng
Dave Chua
Jerry Hinds
JDC Amane
Shawn Yap
Zhen Ye
Troy Chin

Kelvin Chan
Swee Chin Foo (FSc)
JC Wong
Sonny Liew

There will be autograph and sketching sessions.

7 May is also FCBD. So do head down to GnB Comics for their celebrations as well. Their usual 1 for 1 for graphic novels should be on.

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